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30 septembrie 2010

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How to make dragon nest gold, all the time we consider. Open source must first cutting, to make money, first learn to save money:

1. Beginner package is very practical, you can use the 15 transfer.

2. Although the transfer is not enhanced giving the arms, but can use 24.

3.24 can create a good equipment, you can use 32.

4. To strengthen both the early and mid-term or production equipment is extremely uneconomical.

After cutting the natural source, how to make pot of gold lies in the details of how to find opportunities:

1. The task to get: After the completion of the mission will be a certain amount of dragonnest gold and items as rewards, to sell goods directly to stores.

2. Copy of the materials: A copy of falling material is very valuable and a little cheap dragon nest gold, pay attention to pick up.

3. Reselling goods:Such means to make money on the equipment price needs to be very familiar with and has extraordinary business sense.

4. Speculative:Most of the players or the first contact with the dragon nest power leveling, many people are not familiar with the system settings, which some speculators cheaper.

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