Unusual way to make money

30 septembrie 2010

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The money come from?In addition to those common approach, I want to say is not an ordinary person can earn the Vindictus Gold.

First: what the public cheaper than the auction house, as early as possible the shipment is correct.As an excellent make Vindictus Money, must always understand their own server, game currency and real currency ratio.

Second: rare items easily put their own price, you must have equipment that is no auction house, and some direct disregard of, the first reference, if your hands are kind of things, whether good or bad, with reference to the price of your heart.

Third: Property and equipment do not sell garbage, do not auction, direct decomposition.What kind of property and equipment with which the professional to determine the equipment’s good or bad is that the practicality of the above equipment.

Fourth: The value of the gold, the hoarding of goods, is the most profitable. For example, playing Medal of the fortress, a day when nothing playing, around closing time when bored, 5W one. Silver Medal of the sale price is a 20W, Vindictus Power leveling 50W a medal, the gap is quite substantial, Cheap Vindictus Gold to continue to come.

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