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3 decembrie 2010

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Long knife skills in WonderKing proficiency name: A total of 20 suicide, fill a permanent increase of 50 points after the 20 level, plus at least 145 points after the MP consumption when using both hands weapon attack power duration of 260 seconds, increased by 16% during the period attack force, every 16 seconds a 4% loss of its HP, CD: 210. Tigers miles Skill Name: nuclear explosion to fill the post data not available in the help of Cabal Alz.

Hope we add a total of 20, when used to fill up 114 points MP 1 consumption when the consumption level use 40-point MP of the enemy, causing damage as the enemy attack power equal to 358% 2 damage to attacking 105 times % of the attacks, and to attract the enemy close to their own CD: 7. group attacking skills. While the probability of 5% to enemy paralysis, duration 3 seconds Attack range: approximately 5 can only blame the front row for the range with Cabal Online Alz.

CD: 10 s skills Name: Flame Shock Skills Name: Muscle strengthening the current total of eight, plus over 130 points after the MP consumption when using a total of 10, plus over 108 points after the permanent increase in critical strike rate. Cause the enemy attack force equivalent to 432% 2-3 times the damage, and the probability of 15% inflict additional damage per second, CD: 9. Attribute: Fire. The impact of distance: the distance equivalent to half screen in the use of cabal Gold.

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