Swordsman with the transfer in Rappelz

3 decembrie 2010

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Though confusing, but fate is a little bit of gear to rotate with. In order to regain a world away by the Devil, who opened the account is not the result of the adventure screen. Rappelz of the initial job for the swordsman, thief, scout and mage, after the second turn of a switch and after the occupation began to diversify in the help of Rappelz Rupees.

The advantage of their own career will be more obvious skills will become more powerful. For example: Swordsman a transfer can be transferred to the Warrior or Knight, soldiers can become the second switch to Berserker; Knight after the second switch can be a Paladin. And we would provide you the Rappelz gold with the fastest delivery.

The game has a unique mission systems, residential systems, combination systems, and pet food systems, character, and only skilled game player operating techniques, we can flexibly control role in the fantasy world of adventure. Game is currently in South Korea, Japan and North America, three operation areas in Taiwan by Technology secured the distribution rights, but according to the official statement, games are still a little problem with the original communication, we do not provide time to market in the use of buy Rappelz gold.

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