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3 decembrie 2010

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Bees are basically to the 20 Well, we go back to the village to buy 200 bottles of the medicine bottle and equipment. Is also almost a little money in WonderKing on hand to keep up with 10 million to buy the equipment shield. Well, we rush to 24 to 30 of the cave to dominate. Specific locations, but the village as the center left of the following below and then follow the map to go with Star Wars Galaxies credits.

To find 24 to 30 of the cave into the following on the left of the first cave; If you play tired, then you can go to the right side of caves soldiers it is the most suitable group attacking the main body is a strange the best is still in WonderKing active and playing a never-ending rise in the exchange hole is left of the cave is just below the original location instead of looking for what is not a big hole on the clear rest assured to find specific creatures as well as SWG Credits.

Serious stressed that the blame is out of gold ore is a need to switch tasks specific to the stone the cave was two kinds of weird. But the fast and the odd brush more ghost to come out of 27 on the rampage inside the cave to the best 30 holes in the direct impulse the right side below the concrete monster is basically out of more than 30 professional equipment, all equipment are off you do not have to worry about to spend money to buy 30 equipped in the help of Buy SWG Credits.

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