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18 decembrie 2010

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When I go to work today, university students face, we will have 3 years into not seen. Along the way we talked and laughed, talking about the college before, we play online games.

I remember it is a new online game did not take long, many of the game to us options, almost all the fun of online games we have played out. He said he is still as before, play online games, recently playing the game Rappelz. I also heard about the game, but have never played, I think I go back after work, try this game. The games and other online games also need to buy Rappelz Rupees. By the time I can with my college students to play the game. We can go back to college life, playing the game, forget about the pressure of life has brought us; let us bring us to experience the fun of the game. My classmates and I made an appointment after work to play this game; I have to Rappelz gold ready.

Today is the greatest day of my harvest, the first is the university students I met, and the second is a game I know will allow me to rediscover the fun of college. I believe that we have the perseverance, anything can beat us. Every day we have to be optimistic, positive attitude. I cannot wait now to think of Rappelz Rupees inside the game.

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