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Different races and classes of SWG

vineri, ianuarie 28th, 2011

Lucas arts kick out a lot of games. If there is a demand there they will make your motor 3. Heck they will make Lego star wars 10 or clone wars 99 if they think people will by SWG Gold. I think they will make kotor3 and have it on Xbox and PS3 if I [...]

Worth playing of Rappelz

vineri, ianuarie 28th, 2011

I love this game. I’m in the largest guild on the largest server so there’s almost always someone to talk to. Getting the equipment/money you want is easy too. The only drawback I have is lag but it’s only bad in Rappelz Rupees and towns sometimes. The higher level you are the further you can [...]

Problems with Rappelz

vineri, ianuarie 28th, 2011

Actually we loved this game a lot. Even though it was a grind fest I still had a great time with it…probably was mostly the pet system, which makes this game unique and fun. I had a lot of problems with Rappelz crashing which was a big negative and everyone else had the same Rappelz [...]

Rappelz in the place you play is worth

miercuri, ianuarie 19th, 2011

Rappelz is a really fun and addicting MMORPG. You can level up a variety of pets that help you on your adventures. I would say these ranks with the top 10 free moms out there. The graphics are very detailed considering the size of the world. However, putting graphics on Maximum may cause your graphics [...]

Cabal Online refresh Raiders

miercuri, ianuarie 19th, 2011

I think the probationary very practical skills, display their time and cooling time is short, plus a range of skills, sword skills training preferred, he is continuing injury series. Zorro even cut the advanced skills, will reduce the enemy’s attack. When I learned more than half the student also, these are negative attack campaign. We [...]

Wang PK combo magic guide of Cabal

miercuri, ianuarie 19th, 2011

When I do not wear equipment, HP is 1800 +, Attack 599, Defense 264, defense in PVP is not a big problem where, as long as HP can make it through the 15M you can win, because any warrior skills always put the time, 1800 The HP cannot be made out of two strokes to [...]

Black Fire Temple text Raiders

joi, ianuarie 6th, 2011

I believe that Cabal Online played the game knows that the clearance video volcano fortress, but the video and the actual clearance is still a large gap. Last time I bought Cabal Alz test a bit. We rushed to the end of the road, eliminating the first BOSS, access to task materials, there inscriptions, to [...]

The story of thousands of tasks

joi, ianuarie 6th, 2011

We enter the game, with the head in front of the green book of NPC dialogue, took over the task of the game’s first adventure, began to experience the “Warhammer Online” set the historical background of all races, embark on historical grievances behind the two camps. We need buy some Warhammer gold. Among the Warhammer [...]

The popular fantasy war game

joi, ianuarie 6th, 2011

In Warhammer ONLINE: War all sorts, the new MMORPG game is also the founder of Dark Age of Camelot (Dark Age of Camelot) producers. Based on Games Workshop’s popular fantasy war game: Warhammer rules of development, Warhammer ONLINE is to achieve a major feature of the Kingdom of VS Kingdom (RVR) of the war, so [...]


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