Black Fire Temple text Raiders

6 ianuarie 2011

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I believe that Cabal Online played the game knows that the clearance video volcano fortress, but the video and the actual clearance is still a large gap. Last time I bought Cabal Alz test a bit.

We rushed to the end of the road, eliminating the first BOSS, access to task materials, there inscriptions, to continue the dialogue, stone open. Then we find a strange flame BOSS, eliminate access to the task items, and go inside, you will find two large towers and a portal. 5A route: take the portal, has been into, into a door where a moment, the door will automatically open. 5B line: the eradication of two large towers, drawbridge down (note: the first two towers more dangerous when he died, the first side of the organ under attack seem very strong) over bridge, breaking the organ door, into the transfer The door, saw the first shadow of occupation – archers, should be the weakest of the shadow strange, after killing a red box. We will buy Cabal Online Alz.

We continue to move forward a bit to see a door, breaking the door in the middle of the house will kill something strange clear, clear to occur around 4 BOSS, where more dangerous, defense, or not enough gas to divert the storm hit. BOSS obtained after killing a white box. There inscriptions, and inscriptions dialogue, the door opened, will run over some strange, defense more than 800 people can rush, not enough Cabal money.

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