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6 ianuarie 2011

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In Warhammer ONLINE: War all sorts, the new MMORPG game is also the founder of Dark Age of Camelot (Dark Age of Camelot) producers. Based on Games Workshop’s popular fantasy war game: Warhammer rules of development, Warhammer ONLINE is to achieve a major feature of the Kingdom of VS Kingdom (RVR) of the war, so that each player can be immersed in the flames of conflict in the world never stops growing and becoming , blood being passionate. We need buy Warhammer gold.

In “Warhammer Online”, we with two camps against each other, respectively, from the dwarf kingdom, composed of human empire, to avoid being hit in the crisis group’s order of camp; and Green Paper tribes, Chaos Legion and the dark Composition of the destruction of the Warhammer money.

Under the six races have their own unique career can be divided into the tank type, treatment type, there is scope melee attack classes; at the character selection, different types of occupational roles are quite clear that the player can choose their own Like to do, and do a variety of characteristics of the role change, to create their own unique cheap Warhammer gold.

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