The story of thousands of tasks

6 ianuarie 2011

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We enter the game, with the head in front of the green book of NPC dialogue, took over the task of the game’s first adventure, began to experience the “Warhammer Online” set the historical background of all races, embark on historical grievances behind the two camps. We need buy some Warhammer gold.

Among the Warhammer world, war is everywhere! Press the upper right corner of the player signs with skull and crossbones line can take part in a plot battle at any time, or go to a map of the area marked Warhammer brown theater fort and hostile players to a fight; both growth and decline of regional forces in the field will be as Winning or losing the battle to change, and ultimately can open the capital of military stalemate siege winning side will receive the highest leader of the opportunity to challenge the enemy, if leaders are able to defeat the most advanced equipment available Cheap Warhammer Gold.

The story of the battle for the two camps to send 12 players at the same time a battle, battle mode will vary with the individual maps, mostly around the point of grabbing the flag or the occupation of the revenue to win Warhammer online gold, the two sides first obtain 500 Points to win, and you can receive an additional Warhammer power level.

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