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19 ianuarie 2011

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I think the probationary very practical skills, display their time and cooling time is short, plus a range of skills, sword skills training preferred, he is continuing injury series. Zorro even cut the advanced skills, will reduce the enemy’s attack. When I learned more than half the student also, these are negative attack campaign. We need Cabal Alz.

Sheng Long Strike Premium, and pushed the enemy down the range of skills; MISS is open, then it seems that only the enemy but that enemy attack will be locked away. I learned this trick after a lightning strike put deleted, these are down series. Reduce the enemy through the additional skills of defense, I will keep the skills of individual choice, these are negative attacks throughout the series. We add a small sliding collision thrusts, on the whole pretty good skills, skills can be used as Cabal Online Alz. This is because the distance with the enemy does not use this method, then, that feeling is a whole that is wrong, these are continuing injury series.

Gorgeous range of technology, directly in front of the scope of technology acquisition than down, but there is a range of moves, but moves the whole time considered slow, will reduce the enemy’s hit, these are series of negative attacks. Advanced version chop jumping with pneumatic action, and to knock down the enemy and reduce the enemy’s defenses, these negative attacks are down range. We will buy cabal Gold.

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