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19 ianuarie 2011

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Rappelz is a really fun and addicting MMORPG. You can level up a variety of pets that help you on your adventures. I would say these ranks with the top 10 free moms out there. The graphics are very detailed considering the size of the world. However, putting graphics on Maximum may cause your graphics card to slow. Lots of quests, cool items equip mends and a large variety of skills to master. All in all I would give this game a chance. Its worth playing if you like a true mom experience. When you find an awesome pet card and tame it, youll be hooked and buy Rappelz gold.

People that give high scores are also idiots! Graphics are one thing, but if nothing but jerks play the game that insist on bothering others with their pvp crap, not too many people want to play, thats what does not sink into your HEADS! As far as imagination goes you can practice you preach man! You people act like you do not know the difference between PVP & PVE?get a life & grow up! We need Rappelz Rupees.

Great game, especially for a FREE MMORPG, Amazing graphics, fun to play, easy to learn and nice community, the only reason I give this an 8 is because it is very repetitive, and emphasizes HOURS OF GRINDING. I think we need Rappelz gold.

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