Wang PK combo magic guide of Cabal

19 ianuarie 2011

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When I do not wear equipment, HP is 1800 +, Attack 599, Defense 264, defense in PVP is not a big problem where, as long as HP can make it through the 15M you can win, because any warrior skills always put the time, 1800 The HP cannot be made out of two strokes to hang, even if only 1 of the blood, but also out of a move to lie down again, and pull the start blinking and the ultimate result of the distance Pause for you to win more than enough time to make Cabal Online Alz before he was killed.

I am disconnected with the rogue who face there is another way, it typically is placed on a high-conductivity soldiers, and then press the expression of high conductivity has been cooling over the place and then another high-conductivity, high attack the soldiers generally have two + a high conductivity lead down to the ground in other people’s self-confidence, I am such a rogue type, a soldier is placed at the beginning of high-conductivity, when the limit + gas cutting skills, blame the card even after the kick as he came in from the right to continue to play with the ultimate long term resident, one is in the discharged Limit yourself to give up after the batter, re-opened even play, even if you do not use the expression technology has been in attacks cannot be State, We need Cabal Alz.

I can be up to 11COMBO, so the batter in and then pick out is easy, but the flash is not smooth over 12COMBO one can play out, do not know the other services have no more BT, the flash can easily be 12COMBO Shun More can be said to belong to the level of the hand of cabal Gold.

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