Different races and classes of SWG

28 ianuarie 2011

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Lucas arts kick out a lot of games. If there is a demand there they will make your motor 3. Heck they will make Lego star wars 10 or clone wars 99 if they think people will by SWG Gold. I think they will make kotor3 and have it on Xbox and PS3 if I had to guess.

This game will be pc and have a subscription. Enough said. Most of what I have seen are artist renderings and seem like very early drafts and know here do they say this will be what the finished product will look like. I hope like a lot of peps it doesnt end up this cartoon like.

Give me a lot of different races and classes please. Not everyone wants to be a human and have a light saber. I wouldnt expect to see this for at least a year. Even with a huge amount of Star Wars Galaxies credits and a large team these games take a long time to make. WAR was the last SWG credits to come out and I think took 4 years to go live.

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