Problems with Rappelz

28 ianuarie 2011

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Actually we loved this game a lot. Even though it was a grind fest I still had a great time with it…probably was mostly the pet system, which makes this game unique and fun. I had a lot of problems with Rappelz crashing which was a big negative and everyone else had the same Rappelz Rupees.
One thing that finally killed off the game for me is I couldn’t figure out which class I liked. I played many other MMO’s and finally realized that I didn’t like any of the classes. I play mages, glass cannons and I couldn’t stand rappelz chaos mage. It ran out of MP really fast and took forever to regent the manna. Potions and groceries have a 1-2 minute cool down and so MP was impossible to keep up with sell Rappelz Rupees. Would have been good for me if their mages had MP management but they don’t.

It was a fun game to play at first, but its slowly turned it a boring grind fest. It has very decent graphics; a fair amount of creativity is in it, but what really comes down to game play. And I must say, game play was not something to jump for joy about. The leveling was slow enough to make me vomit, and the sheer unfriendliness of players made me quit this game quickly. We need sell Rappelz Rupees.

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