Worth playing of Rappelz

28 ianuarie 2011

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I love this game. I’m in the largest guild on the largest server so there’s almost always someone to talk to. Getting the equipment/money you want is easy too. The only drawback I have is lag but it’s only bad in Rappelz Rupees and towns sometimes. The higher level you are the further you can explore and you can’t mess up your skills either. The pet system is good too even you aren’t a class that specializes in pets. I would recommend playing it!

I have played a lot of GOOD morph games not some garbage thats been out these days and I know I can rate games good, but this game gets me thinking cos it has a good set of pros, but a bad set of cons which makes u want to rip or hair out when playing sell Rappelz Rupees a lot of the time you feel like or wasting our time.

My rating would be good, only thing wrong with it is u WILL need a good graphics card/PC if u want to get the best out of sell Rappelz Rupees, because if u dont the game crashes a lot, u have bad lag spikes and a lot of disconnections cos the pc cannot keep up with it, but I would say if I did have a good pc ext, this game is very worth playing.

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