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11 februarie 2011

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The term took on its present meaning from a group of ministers of King Charles II of England, whose initial letters coincidentally spelled CABAL, and who were the signers of the public Treaty of Dover that allied England to France in a prospective war against the Dutch with Cabal Alz.

However, the Cabal Ministry they formed can hardly be seen as such the Scot Lauderdale was not much involved in English governance at all; while the Catholic ministers of the Cabal, Clifford and Arlington, were never much in sympathy with the Protestants, Buckingham and Ashley, nor did Buckingham and Ashley get on very well with each other. Thus the “Cabal Ministry” never really unified in its members’ aims and sympathies, and fell apart by 1672; Lord Ashley, who became Earl of Shaftesbury, later became one of Charles II’s fiercest opponents as well as sellCabalOnlinealz.

The explanation that the word originated as an acronym from the names of the group of ministers is a folk etymology, although the coincidence was noted at the time and could possibly have popularized its use. The group, who came to prominence after the fall of Charles’s first prime minister, Lord Clarendon, in 1667, was rather called the Cabal because of its secretiveness and lack of responsibility to the “Country party” then run out of power in the help of sell cabal alz.

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