Business sense of Cabal Online

19 martie 2011

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I think in the game world, there is “Cabal Alz” is the last word, many people see Need loaded, can only look on in despair, because there is no capital cannot afford to buy. Therefore, to accumulation of wealth in the game, you must have a certain amount of business experience, and business is usually little bit by the accumulation of a lot of money from the penny change, so you can grow your wealth at the same time, a game of people Master Cheng Yen. Of course, is not to say nonsense. To gather wealth in the game must do the following:

We have a certain sense of economy to market the game in depth analysis of the world to find a higher gold content in the game of supply and demand products or consumables. We must demand and supply insight into the changes in market prices, an oversupply of goods, sell Cabal Online alz, is in short supply prices. The Ruby example: to open service several months, the price of ruby has been ups and downs, just like a stock chart, understand this, and naturally a small profit than it! We must not let own warehouse backlog, my principle is: Check only put useful stuff, as much trouble opening number. A lot of equipment is available in the market transition of the East, so some of the first rejection to rejection.

We need to understand the mentality of buyers and sellers, to analyze specific issues. Such as: Some urgent need of money will sell things cheap; some people are like your stuff, do not care about your point; between the trading, this is the businessman’s art! We must have perseverance and patience, have a strong spiritual motivation and intellectual support, there must be resolute force agility and cave search, know ourselves and lay the business war. To become rich in the game to spend a lot of sell Cabal alz., the real business of the people who do not know something is not selling!

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