Rappelz is a fantastic game

19 martie 2011

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The Game is a great option, for those who either refuse to play Rappelz Rupees or those who want something different. It all revolves around the use of a pet system that is honestly 2nd to none. Recent updates have done a lot to correct an economy that was highly inflated, but is coming under control now. The char balance is pretty good, and a player who learns all he can about the ton he uses can be very effective in any situation. The PvP system is a little sideways; there are boo caps on PK range. An lvl 150 can kill an lvl 1 and so on. But the graphics and game play are really nice! The new part 2 of epic 7 will be out in a few months and it s a great time to jump in and get started now!

Also the download client is infected hardcore, now youre goanna tell me to allow my security system to give this game an exception and to let it pass through RIGHT!? Save your breath, loll I did that and it about crashed the whole computer! This game disabled my security system, and prevented me from restarting or shutting down my PC, I fixed it myself by uninstalling this garbage everyone is calling a great game! Maybe you got 900 bucks for new sell Rappelz Rupees, I sure as hell dont!

I have a choice here, I know most are sick of hearing about rappelz gold, but Im going back to a game where i can get things accomplished, eve giving enough time;1 years I figure is good enough for ANY game.

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