Rappelz is a really fun

19 martie 2011

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Rappelz is a really fun. The pet system is excellent. You can level up a variety of pets that help you on your adventures. I would say these ranks with the top 10 free out there. The graphics are very detailed considering the size of the world. However, putting graphics on Maximum may cause your graphics card to slow. Lots of quests, cool items equip mentis and a large variety of skills to master. All in all I would give this game a chance. Its worth playing if you like a true sell Rappelz Rupees. When you find an awesome pet card and tame it, youll be hooked.

I really like the pet system – Has a lot to offer like it should be, many kinds of pets, each pet grows, gets stronger and get new skills that helps to the character. Also each kind of pet has its own price that given for ability, strength and how rare the pet is, again, like it should be. Rappelz gold has excellent graphics for a free game and the best pet system ever!

One of the most interesting and captivating features of Rappelz is definitely its pet system. Pets can be owned by any class, more powerful with the specific pet classes (sorcerer, breeder or spell singer). Epic 6 has introduced two new and enjoyable pets into the game; the Wolf, a pet specializing in agility, evasion and accuracy rebuff attacks, and the ranged harpy, who specializes with bows. Harpies are a very original pet, with bows never seen used by pets in rappelz money before.

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