Friends, Is a Special Kind of Warmth in Warhammer Gold

25 aprilie 2011

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This shouldn’t have so important friends, friends and really so important. Life may not touch, no victory, no other things, but we cannot live without friends. When the mood is bad can painted a few pieces of writing paper, put it to reach the friend’s mailbox, in such a kind of “sharing” desalt a sorrow; When I’m in a good mood can also release a carrier pigeon, remote send to friends of the hand, in a “feel with happy” bigger and more perfect happiness.

Friend can be together with an umbrella in walking in the rain; Can be in the way the car ride together speed; Can be addicted to gallery and museum; Can be wandering in the bookstore, gallery; A friend is sad cry together, a happy smile together, have a good book to read, good songs together to listen. Friend is often remind of, is the concern in the heart, the attention is filled in view; for a friend is had accompanied the life, and a period spent another hand at dusk; Friends are remembered joy, recalls when added more tenderness.

A friend of mine always days sunshine, bright-colored flowers, a friend of mine years rain, heart no longer sky no longer have the wet, friends when it was discovered that he had had it all. We could lose many, but not lost friends. Friends are not a permanent friends, also just life with a scent, but because an originated fate poverty to make life more beautiful rise. Even in the absence of the future and what close? At least, not forget are friends and friends walked through the years to come.


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