Life Is Like a Journey with Tibia Gold

25 aprilie 2011

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Life is a journey, encountered in travel every person, everything beautiful scenery, are likely to become life impressive scenery. Along the way, we can’t guess will be to meet what kind of scenery, without warning, but where is the destination forward footstep but always can’t stop, because time don’t allow us to stay in any place, only in advancing constantly learn to choose, learn to experience, learn to appreciate.

Life is short the decades such as meteor a flashed past. Here you will meet your life will meet people, experience life must experience it. There are a lot of people just temporarily and you’re in the same way, and you spend your time, just like you would know a lot of people, they just beside you. Meanwhile there must be a person and you sitting together, from understanding to the familiar to decide and you travel together. Willing to be with you enjoy the journey of happiness, share the journey of hard, and though you their journey’s end different. Of course these people have a good man also has bad people. If you did something bad, will be punished, good man always has a future payoff, people around you smile, the people around you countless smile will return.

The starting points of life this trip, but we cannot choose destination we cannot stop appear, process is in our own feet. From the moment of birth, he began to slowly journey of life. No way without rain no difficulties, also have no away is always dark and not light.


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