Pain Sense Way Lifelong Selected Mentor, Suffering a Great Asset Life Achievement with SWG Gold

4 mai 2011

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Pain is life’s wealth, and the weak spirit world will life’s difficulties, but it makes in the brave stronger who, pain, suffering, is their lifetime mentor, is their life, great wealth, life is an attitude, people since had the life, then immersed in favor of the sea, a man really understand this truth, naturally warm.

Hurt their own people suffering adversity, also do not forget, because real prompted his success, make oneself become wit brave, open-minded magnanimous, not affluent and prosperity, but who often find yourself to death blow, setbacks. When most people busy harvest joy and happiness, some people are busy harvest pain, of course the pain and not survive harvest must be, no pain, people can continue to live, and live more comfortable.

Pain is god grant me the medicine like suffering also happy it let me make my life increases toughness, may be lost from joy, often can from the pain can back, the pain is love, hope to grow, experience and comprehension, happiness, be able to cherish compassion towards others, jade clean heart pure, love your neighbor as yourself, wide to meet, grateful release hatred. Light can make oneself saw more scenery more wonderful things, Because even if ever unbearable pain and suffering, will be more valuable let you much more determined, thought to add mature personality have multiplied.


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