Please Smile Life, Achievement of Your Dreams in SWG Credits

4 mai 2011

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The years, men came to new becomes calm character are often taken for granted and downy, the battlefield. In life, is his worst enemy, a lot of people just wanted to change others, but not willing to change myself, just outside breakthrough, so failure. If you can’t break out of me, fights only our own humanity, it is hard to succeed. Only inward breakthrough, change itself, is the real breakthrough. Therefore, people should smile, smile and break his life and achievements of his heart dreams.

The smile is kind, happy, happy, and optimistic. So have a good state of mind, smiling face up to everyone, smile to do everything. To a person, want to somebody else’s strengths; don’t take their own advantages to contrast the faults of others. Want much want to get along with people about their care when someone with love, more want people to give himself said of beneficial of words, do useful things. Don’t just think how others hurt you, and don’t want one to others had pain, often do the perspective-taking, for the other party consideration, the bitterness and unnecessary pain will disappear naturally.

People’s life, just learn to smile life, smile to friends, diligence, serious, honest, down-to-earth, pay will return. No sunshine, there is no florid flowers. Be no dew or rain, there is no tall trees. No smile at someone else, there is no our soul mate. No pain, no good returns.


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