Thousands of People Desire to Change Their Destiny via Education of Rappelz Rupees

9 mai 2011

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These days, there is a growing attention to the offspring’s’ education in China. There is common sense that the higher education one receives, the more competitiveness one possesses in his future. This can give rise to an important situation, that a great many Chinese parents are content to spend much money and energy on their children’s instruction, particularly in some one-child families. The rate of education cost is often very high, which even reaches 50% in their domestic expenses. They feel the better education is well worth the loss of money. Learning will help their children win back the costs, and earn much more at last.

In China, nowadays, that people who work in offices often get far more salary than people who do manual work. People who work in offices enjoy higher status, and many of them are elites or intellectuals.

Thousands of people desire to change their destiny via education. Every single primary pupil in China is told by his parents to study hard and to listen to the teachers. They are asked to be obedient, as the docile ones are easy to be instructed. The one who follows the teacher well usually receives more praises. By contrast, the unruly one is unwelcome forever.

The obvious bias in our education system strictly relates to the examination system. In China, the university entrance examination is vital to every individual, which may even determine one’s fate. The sole admission criterion is the score one get in this final test. Hence, the previous efforts one made are completely hunt for the scores which run through one’s whole learning process.

Most of Chinese students spend nearly entire learning time on doing exercises, researching the skills of solving a sea of questions, and remembering the major contents in the textbooks. It’s inevitable that one has to immerse himself in the dull study if one aspires to go to college.

Therefore, we will never make more progress unless the mode of examination is changed. We should drop the antique ideas of instruction which is as solid as rock in our mind. Meanwhile we should adapt all kinds of new concepts of education from the world outside.


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