We Need Consistently Clean Water in Rappelz Rupees

9 mai 2011

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Last Monday, I suffered from the sick odors of the tap water a whole daybecause the watersmelt bad.Afterward, I wastold that one of the urban main watersupplypipelines had been damaged, which couldonly berepaired at leasttwo days later. The watercompany had to use the standby water source from another river which I never heard before.

“Thewater has been tested, which is up to the International standard, and it is drinkable in spite of itsslightly poor taste.” I read this according to a post by the spokesperson for the water company from our localbulletin board service, on whichourcitizens are used to discussingall sorts of socialaffairs andstories happened aroundus. I didn’t hear it from our local TV channel, for it was in factnotbroadcasted via the traditional media.

However, the standby water smelt sick like the sludge.I strongly doubted if it was clean enough to drink, for Icould hardlystand it as soon as I turned on the faucet. Therefore I didn’t wash my face that morning. And I felt frustrated all day.

The water has become normal now. But I’mafraid that it maydeteriorate again, because it has happened once a month ago. I don’t know why the pipeline was broken. Have they made any measures to secure the pipelines? Is there betterback-up water source? No, nobody knows.The bureaucrats neverforwardly and quicklygive us any explanation.


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